The High Life (2015)

Rose Room - The High Life - Album Cover

The High Life (2015) CD Album. “A classy, very accomplished album” Rob Adams, The Herald.

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The High Life (2015)

“The hot club de Partick return with a classy, very accomplished album that showcases not only their skill in continuing the Parisian swing style of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, but also their ability to compose songs and tunes that sound as much a part of the manouche/chanson tradition as, in this case, Charles Trenet’s breezy Ménilmontant.” Rob Adams, The Herald.


1.The High Life
2. Edge of Love
3. I’m Confessin’
4. Sleads Street
5. January Blue
6. Menilmontant
7. Isn’t This a Lovely Day?
8. Hang Around
9. La Petite Valse
10. Grey Skies
11. Tomorrow’s Goodbye